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Our Life Stories and Wishes Should Last for Generations To Come

Secure your important information with SecretValet and we will protect it and automatically deliver it to your designated recipients if something happens to you!

Your Family

45% of Americans are in danger of passing without their wishes being known to loved ones

Your Money

Only $2.25 billion out of $43.95 Billion of unclaimed property are returned to its owner!

Your Security

2,659 records are breached every minute by hackers and criminals!

Our Military

Troops deployed overseas are at risk of having their assets lost or wishes forgotten!


Protect your family and your legacy.  SecretValet protects your sensitive information for you and delivers it as you direct based on a date, your demise, or another life event.  It is a combination of a safe deposit box, a time capsule, and insurance policy, and a trusted friend, all rolled in to one!

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Act as your client’s representative and help manage their assets with our unique “Delegate” option that allows you to view, modify, or upload digital assets on your client’s behalf.  Now you can maintain a relationship with your clients by providing valuable, on-going, value-added service.

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HowIT Works

We store and deliver sensitive information, fully encrypted end-to-end that only you and your intended recipient can decrypt, and your recipient does not need to know ahead of time that there was information waiting for them

You can now create the legal documents you need to store in your SecretValet capsules at a discounted price through one of our partners. Click here to start!

WhyUse Legacy

Watch how you can easily secure your legacy and protect your loved ones in less than 3 ½ minutes and for less than a cup of coffee a month. Watch this video!