What is SecretValet?


SecretValet is a unique online service that allows subscribers to upload personal information with instructions to deliver that information to another person at a specific time, when the subscriber stops answering a periodic “heartbeat” message, or upon the subscriber’s demise. The information uploaded to SecretValet is fully encrypted so that it cannot be compromised.


What is a Capsule?


A Capsule is the container that is being encrypted and stored. Think of it as a physical time capsule. The subscriber can put digital possessions in the capsule, and then SecretValet seals the capsule (encrypts it) and stores it until it is delivered to the designated recipient.


How do I select my Secret Questions and Answers?


The selection of Secret Questions and Answers is very important. Questions should be specific enough that only you and your recipient know the answer, but be relevant enough that both you and your recipient will remember the same thing. For example, asking “What did I have for dinner on our first date” may not be a good question to ask if there is no reason for your recipient to remember. On the other hand, if you were wearing a white shirt, had spaghetti for dinner, and ended up staining your shirt right before going to another event, then this might be a good question. Answers should be 1 or 2 words. An answer like “My Brother’s, 2nd wife’s, 3rd cousin Leo” is not a good answer, but “Leo” is


What do I need to tell my recipient?


Nothing! This is the beauty of SecretValet. The recipient of your information doesn’t need to know that information is waiting for them or remember a passphrase.


How does my recipient know how to decrypt the information?


SecretValet uses “Shared Secrets” instead passphrases to encrypt information. You might not remember that a passphrase is “My$3cr3t$ay1ng”, but you will probably never forget that your friend John was the person that introduced you to your current spouse. Memories are both more consistent and more persistent than passphrases, and the beauty is, your recipient already knows the answers!


Does my recipient need to know the secret answer exactly?


SecretValet uses some logic and formatting rules to help the subscriber and recipient match their answers. For security reasons, the exact algorithms that we use are not published, but the logic and process were developed by SecretValet and will aid the subscriber and recipient in matching their answers while still not decreasing the accuracy of the answers.


What if I forget the answer to my secret question or my recipient doesn't remember?


The selection of secret questions is very important. The subscriber needs to select questions that they are sure that they themselves and their recipient will know. SecretValet allows the subscriber to select how many of the three Secret Questions must be answered in order for the capsule to be delivered to the recipient. If the subscriber is confident that the recipient knows all of the answers, they may designate that all three answers be correct. If the subscriber doesn’t have that confidence, they may designate that the capsule can be delivered if only one or two of the answers are correct.


In an emergency, can SecretValet help me access my capsule if I really can't remember the answers to the questions?


No. Because SecretValet is designed to be very secure, and to protect our clients against hackers and 3rd party intrusion, it is impossible for SecretValet to access, decrypt, or reset a subscriber’s capsule.


What happens if my recipient changes their address, phone number, or email?


SecretValet will contact the subscriber annually to ask them to validate that they information we have on file is still valid. In cases where a subscriber has chosen to have information delivered on a specific date, and that date is so far in the future that the subscriber may not be available for updates, SecretValet offers Enhanced Location services.


What is "Recipient Finder Insurance"?


There are times when a recipient may have changed their address, phone number, and email such that initial attempts to reach the subscriber fail. With Enhanced Location Services, SecretValet will initiate a search for the subscriber’s recipient using online location services to attempt to match previous addresses and phone numbers with a recipient. Given today’s databases of information, this almost always yield a positive match. For those clients that wish to absolutely, positively guarantee that their recipient will be found, Premium Location Services is offered. Premium location services are contracted on a case-by-case basis by contacting admin@secretvalet.com.


What happens to my information if my recipient cannot be located?


The subscriber has the option of designating whether undelivered information is delivered to another recipient or if the information is deleted.


What is a delegate?


A delegate can either be a business such as a law firm or estate planner that is hired by a client to manage their assets in a SecretValet capsule. The client need not have an account with us as the delegate perform all activities all functions on behalf of the client. On the other hand, a subscriber to SecretValet can chose to create a capsule and assign a delegate such as a family member or a business to manage their capsule the same way they would.


Do you support two factor authentication?


Absolutely. You may configure that under your profile options. Your cell phone number needs to be registered and verified with SecretValet for this option to work


I'm worried about my data getting compromised. How Secure is SecretValet?


We care about your security. We encrypt your data at multiple layers, we do not store session cookies and since your capsule is encrypted using your own encryption keys based on your shared questions/answers, we can never access the content of your capsule. This is the way all encryption software should work. You can read all about the due diligence we put into making sure your privacy and security are protected by clicking on the Security menu option or by accessing link: https://www.secretvalet.com/ContentPages/Security