Estate Planning

A SecretValet Digital Time Capsule can be used to encrypt Estate Documents such as living trust, wills, power of attorney and others and then have them automatically shared with beneficiaries ONLY after a person passes on



45% of Americans (144,000,000) have wills or estate documents, but are in danger of passing without their wishes being known to others.


The biggest challenges of storing or preserving estate documents are:

1.    If it is stored in physical form, it is subject to destruction or loss. 

2.    If it is stored in digital form, then:

a.     To make it accessible, it is stored unencrypted and anyone can access it, or

b.    It is encrypted and someone needs to remember what the passphrase is.


SecretValet solves these issues for the Estate Planner and for the consumer!

SecretValet is a service that securely stores important digital assets, but it is so much more!  

Rather than someone needing to know where your information is stored, SecretValet alerts your recipient at the proper time that information is waiting for them.

Unlike conventional storage in a safe deposit box, with a friend, with an attorney, or just in a location in one’s home, the SecretValet service offers these important value added features:

1.    Delivers the contents to a designated recipient at the appropriate time.

2.    Does not allow recipients to access the contents prior to delivery time  

3.    Allows the owner to designate a delegate that can access the contents prior to delivery

4.    Employs multiple methods for determining when to deliver the contents.

5.    Recipient doesn’t need to know that information is waiting for them, or go to the bank to receive contents

6.    Robust recipient location services using different communication channels

7.    Can have multiple recipients and dual access by both the owner and their delegate

8.    Available 24x7x365 – Not just when the bank is open

9.    Not subject to inspection or probate

10.  Not subject to many of the regulations that govern physical safe deposit boxes

11.  Are automatically backed up to ensure viability

12.  Fully encrypted.  Cannot be accessed by anyone other than owner and designated delegate or recipient


The benefit to the Estate Planner or Attorney is:


1.    No need to maintain, or be responsible for, documents in-house

2.    Creates a long-term relationship with the client

3.    Provides a long-term annuity revenue stream

4.    Allows the Estate Planner or Attorney to modify and update documents

5.    Relieves the Estate Planner from all technical regulatory requirements

6.    Relieves the Estate Planner from notification responsibilities

7.    Provides a value-add to the Estate Planner’s services at no cost

8.    As Millennials (38% of which have wills) mature, more and more documents are going online.  SecretValet lets your firm leapfrog the competition by providing a robust, feature-rich, secure storage and notification platform.